How to convert an outline into binders

Hello there,

I started creating my outline for chapter titles in LibreOffice, and want to import it into Scrivener. My question is how can I do it in such a way, that the contents become my document/folder names in the binder? I could manually create the documents and subdocuments, but I hope it would be possible to do this as a one- or two- step process by importing.

If this isn’t a feature, then I’ll suggest it in the wish list as well. It would be a good idea, especially for someone who has a long outline (multiple chapters, sections, and sub-sections).

Also, if this is possible in the Scrivener for Windows version, I’d gladly take those steps as well. I’m able to dual-boot to either Windows or Linux, so either one works.

Thanks, and have a great day.:slight_smile: