How to convert beta 3 project to 1.9 version

How to convert beta 3 project to 1.9 version is the question. I am giving up on the beta and need to get on with writing my book.

Is there some way to convert back to 1.9 or is dragging and dropping each entry the only way it can be done.?

Can you not just drag and drop the whole manuscript folder into a blank V1.9 project?

Spitballing here. :mrgreen:

There’s no built-in option to convert the file format in Win3. What Teriodin suggested is pretty much the only way to do this unless you have access to Scrivener 3 for macOS (which does have the built-in conversion option.)

Yep. Best way, so far (not the only way), is to have both programs open at the same time. Open a new project in V1.9.x. Click in the binder of the V3 project, right click and Select All. Click, Drag and Drop the V3 binder into the V1.9 binder.

There are other ways, but they all involve compiling (say, to Word or to RTF or to HTML) and then importing the compiled project. Drag and drop is the easiest and cleanest by far.

HI guys,

I am too stupid to be able to do what you experts suggest.

Can’t just drag and drop.

Can’t find Select All on the right click on binder to drag and drop.

After someone has actually tried to do this themselves could you then give me the steps you used to accomplish this?


If you’re stupid for not being able to find Select All on the right click, then so am I (it looks as if it really isn’t there.)

But if you select any document in the binder and choose Edit->Select All from the main menu, that should give you what you need to drag and drop.

Now, this may be a separate issue, but I tried this myself and it stripped out the binder structure, copying only documents, but no folders. Mind you, I tested this with a small project, and none of the folders in this project had text associated with them.

(Okay, I just took a moment and added some text to one of the folders and repeated the test and that folder did transfer over, but as a file now.)

Your mileage may vary. But it does seem a decent way to get the content over, you may just have to play around with the result.

You are correct. Select All is not on the right click for the binder. I think that’s a bug. However, if you click in the binder, and either use Ctrl+A, or click on Edit in the Main Menu and click Select All, that should select the binder. Gonna report that one separately. I think it’s been reported before, a while back, but I don’t remember.

I will have to try that myself. Anything I can’t do that I think Scrivener should allow me to do from now on I declare to be a bug. So there L&L.

Anyway, after Select All (which will select all of my data) what do I do next? If I try to drag and drop into a blank 1.9 project, it won’t accept it.

I really would like to transfer this large novel back to 1.9 en masse. If anyone can help it would be sincerely appreciated.

If you have access to a Mac for even just a short time (or have a friend with one), you can install the latest trial version of Scrivener and perform the export back to v2.

If you don’t have that and are okay with a forum stranger performing your conversion for you, hit me up with a private message here in the forums with your email address.

Depending on the size of your project you could reconstruct the binder structure in 1.9 by dragging and dropping separate chunks of files. If you’re using folders you can convert the files back to folders in 1.9.

You may well know all of these shortcuts, but in case you don’t:

To select all files, click on any file in the binder, then press Ctrl+A (same effect as Edit/Select All).
You can select or deselect individual files by holding down Control and clicking on the files to deselect.
You can also select a series of sequential files by clicking on the first or last one, then holding down shift and clicking on the last or first one.

All of these work in the binder in RC10.