How to convert double line breaks to single in compile?

I find it more convenient and easier on my eyes to type & revise document with double line breaks between paragraphs instead of indented paragraph first lines. Is there an option in Compile for convert this automatically (I know already how to add indents in compile, it’s cutting out the extra line break to save paper/meet standard guidelines for assignments that’s giving me trouble.

Example: I need to change this:

Into this:

Once again, I already know how to make the paragraphs indented in compile.

Supposedly, using replacements is one way to go (I haven’t tried it myself).

If you hit Opt-Return in the Replace field twice you will instruct it to look for a double carriage return, then type that once into the With field and it should do the trick.

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Replacements is indeed the way to do this. Though I have not done what you want, I have gone the other way, replacing single carriage-returns with doubles. Works perfectly, so I see no reason why going the other way would not also work.

The only question involves other factors in compiling. That is, if you have things set up to insert a blank line between documents, would singling-down the CRs eliminate this? My guess is No. I think the Replacements happen very early, maybe first of all, in the compile, and then other changes are applied.

– asotir

The order the panes appear in the Compiler is a cue to what order those operations take place. This isn’t 100% true, it’s more a rule of thumb, but you can generally expect something you do in a pane higher than Replacements to be earlier in the compile checklist. Thus, something inserted in the Separators pane will indeed be in the text at that point, and thus applicable to Replacements.

So yes, in this case, a global double-to-single Replacement would wipe out empty lines inserted by Separators. It would be best to use something like “* * *” as a custom separator. At the least, that can be search and replaced out after compile.

Thank you guys for your help! I now have it working just the way I want.

Another way around this is to use line spacing to separate paragraphs a bit in the in the editor, but then compile without that space.

In the editor I have my line spacing at 1.0x 6.0/0.0 (so single spaced, with 6 points space before each paragraph). But when I compile I just do it at 1.0 with no spacing before paragraphs.

Accomplishes much the same thing, but I don’t have to hit enter twice after each paragraph, and there’s no replacements to muck about with.

I find that’s a bit easier, but YMMV. (And of course I’m on Windows, but I assume the spacing options are similar on the Mac side.)

Yeah, that’s what I’d suggest for future documents for certain. You can make this adjustment under Scrivener->Preferences->Editor (Tools->Options->Editor on Win) for new documents created after you make the change, and you can convert existing ones with Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style… Note, this won’t remove extra line breaks, it will simply adjust indents and paragraph spacing (and fonts/font size/font color if there’s any difference).