How to convert index card into text (windows) ?


may be I overlooked how to do it.

What I want to do is turning my notes taken on some index cards into text, as a starting point. So far I just copy and paste, which is not so nice to do …


What’s my better alternative?

Thank you and best regards,
Michael Schlüter (MS-SPO)

There’s not an automatic way to do this at the moment, but suggestions in this thread may help you to a faster method for copying the synopses into the document text.

Keep in mind too that if the point is just to see that synopsis text while you’re beginning to draft the actual document, you can just open the inspector via View > Layout > Show Inspector; there’s no need to copy it to the document just for visibility.

Thank you Jennifer :wink:

No, it’s not about visibility, it’s about re-using the synopsis text, which sometimes is quite good already. That’s no big deal with a few index cards … which changes after gathering and clustering many ideas on the corkboard (which I like very much).

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Michael Schlüter

Got it. I figured as much, but I figured I’d mention it just in case.

Another option occurred to me, based on the setup in your screenshot where it appears that the synopsis isn’t being necessarily copied to its own document (i.e. you have several documents in the Research and you’re copying a synopsis from one of these into the document text of a separate file in the Draft). What you might do in that case is select all the items whose synopses you want to turn into document text, then put them in a new collection. (If you select them in the binder, you can simply right-click and then choose Add to Collection > New Collection.) Then go to File > Compile, expand the window by clicking the blue arrow button, and then in the Contents tab select this collection from the drop-down menu (it will say Draft to start).

In the Formatting tab, check the boxes in the Synopsis column. (Most likely you will only need to check these for the third row, of the single document, since you’ve just been creating a lot of files on the flat corkboard, but check the box for all types that apply.) You may or may not want to also include titles. If you do, you can speed this up by selecting the “Outliner” preset from the Format As drop-down menu, as that’s already setup to compile titles and synopses. Also click on the “Options” button and deselect “Insert subtitles between elements” and click the Modify button to format the synopsis text as you like for the selected row (again, probably just the bottom single document Level 1+ row is all that will matter here).

Then in Separators, set a custom separator for Text/Text (and any others that apply) that won’t appear in any of your synopsis text.

Compile that to RTF. Then back in your project, select the Draft and choose File > Import > Import and Split. Select the file you just compiled and in the “Sections are separated by” field enter whatever custom separator you used during compile. Then OK to import.

This will give you new documents for all the synopses, with the synopsis text as the document text. The beginning of the first line will be used for the document title, so if you included titles, that title will be used here (though will still appear in the document text).


that’s nice :wink:
I was thinking into a similar direction, but not as far, as you did.

Thanks for your great help, which keeps me moving.

Michael Schlüter