How to convert my work from a paperback format back to proof copy

I compiled my work into a paperback format to see how it would look. My document will only open in paperback format. I want to view and work with the story as a proof copy. The document will no longer view or print as a proof copy manuscript. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Hi ZsaZsa

Recompile using a different compile format from the list on the left side of the compiler.
Pick one of the “manuscript” compile format.
It should give you a 8.5 x 11 output.

Or if you tweaked your own format and wish to reuse it, adjust the page size in its page settings.

I’ve tried this multiple times but I’ll give it another go. Thank you!

Make sure you ain’t compiling to an odd format:

Didn’t work for me. I believe I changed something in formatting and am unable to correct it. I finally just copied my writing from the editor view into a new project. The formatting is back to the way it was before. It’s all good now. Thank you!

For future reference, the Compile command should be completely non-destructive, leaving the underlying project entirely unchanged. That’s sort of the point.

So if your Editor formatting changed, any association with the Compile command is coincidental, and therefore changing the Compile settings won’t help.

For this specific change, one thing to check would be the page size in the File → Page Setup command.

For proofing printout, I skip compile altogether and just use the Print function. In the Print (or Page Setup?) dialog there are some Scrivener settings you can set, and I have in particular set a wide right margin — to leave room on my proofing print outs for little rewrites, etc.

Of course, the format of things when you use Print will be as-is — so, will look just like in the editor pane in Scrivener. But the way I like to see it in the editor is just like I like to see it in a proof copy, so that’s all good.

Highly recommended.

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