How to Convert Trial Version to Paid Version


I am using the Trial Version for Camp NaNoWriMo and have the serial number that was sent to me after I purchased the trial version.

However, I am unable to convert it into the full version. I don’t see where I can enter the serial number, as there is no ''Enter License … button anywhere.

Please help.

Hello Piyushavir,
Probably easiest to uninstall your Camp NaNoWritMo version and then download the trial version here on this site. That can then be converted to full version as you will easily find the place to enter the serial number.
Good luck.

Will I lose my manuscript? :open_mouth: :question:

No, the project folder is separate from the program files. Only the program files will be replaced, leaving all your other stuff intact. And I believe some of the program files will actually be saved, as well. There is a backup folder there that I don’t think gets touched, along with layouts and settings.

Edit: To feel super-doubly-extra safe, you can duplicate your project and backup folders and save them on a separate directory, so that if something weird does happen, you’ll have the duplicates to use.

Thank you. That does help. I shall do that immediately then. One more question, please. This license or purchase is a one-time purchase or an yearly one?

Would it make more sense to use the trial version for the one month and then put the license in to extend the duration?

The license is a one-time purchase that lasts forever for this version of Scrivener. When the next major update happens, you’ll have to pay again, but only if you want to upgrade. You won’t be forced to do so.

There’s no difference between the trial and the full version, so you may as well just go ahead and install the full version so that the serial info can be entered.

Great! Thanks for the information. :slight_smile: