How to copy formatting from one project to another?

I have started a new novel within an old project, but wish to move it all to a new project.

How can I do this and preserve all formatting, including layout?

I’ve tried copy-pasting but the layout formatting is missing.

Have you tried dragging-and-dropping the documents from the first project’s Binder into the second’s Binder rather than copy-and-paste? You can drag entire folders with their sub-documents. (I think you have to use Opt-drag for that to work as expected.)

Didn’t work for me, but thanks anyway.

Will contact LL directly and see what they come up with.

Would this work?

  1. Duplicate the old project.
  2. Rename the duplicate.
  3. Use the duplicate as a new project.
  4. Delete the old novel (in the duplicate) and just preserve the new novel, complete with layout formatting, etc.

If it does then I’d go further and duplicate again to get a second copy then scrub ALL the text and save it as a Template.