How to copy paste note at current location?

I have a very large work area created within scapple with groups of notes placed in various locations in the work area. There is scrolling that has to happen to go from one part to the next.

If I am in the top left corner for instance and I want to copy and paste a note so I can use it as a base for a new note without having to create one from scratch, is there a way to have the pasted note spawn where I am at in the work area instead of always spawning in the center of the page?

I have to keep scrolling to go get it and then move it all the way back to where I was at to place it where I want it. This is rather annoying.


Searching the manual if you select the note or group and hold the ctrl key and left mouse button then drag that will copy to where you let go of the mouse button. I still prefer the ctrl-c then ctrl-v but that puts the copy to the center of the work area.

I agree this is annoying. It would be far more useful if Scapple pasted to the centre of the current screen, rather than the whole Scapple board.

There are two things that might work:


  • copy the note when displayed at Actual size, then
  • Zoom To Fit (F10) to view the whole Scapple board/canvas
  • Paste the copied note, then
  • move the note to roughly the position you want it, then return to Actual size (F9) - or if the pasted note is still selected,
  • Zoom to Selected (Ctrl+Shift+8). Although you might then need to zoom out (Ctrl-) if it was just a single note!


  • save a temporary copy of the Scapple file, then
  • open the original Scapple file and position both windows side-by-side, and
  • drag and drop the required notes from one file (and position) to the other.

Rather than using Ctrl+V to paste, you can right-click where you want the note and select Paste from the context menu.

Ah ha, that’s the way to do it - simple! :smiley: