How to count the number of docs for each label?

hello ! i’ve created a series of labels for each of my characters’ scenes, and color-coded each one… is there an easy way to get a count of the number of scenes for each character, without having to search each character’s name and then clicking search results. thank u !

No, that’s the easiest way. :slight_smile:

thank you Amber V.

If you’re doing it a lot, you’ll probably want to save the searches as dynamic collections so that it’s just a quick click to load each one and as you work and create new documents or change labels, the collections update accordingly. Just run the search and then click the down arrow in the project search bar and choose “Save Search…” from the bottom. The new collection will use your search term as the name by default and, since this is off a label, the label color will be the default collection color, which will make it extra simple to click through them in the collections tabs.