how to count the number of text documents in the binder

is there an easy way to determine the number of text documents i have under the “scenes” folder in my binder… thank you anyone !!!

Yes, the option you are looking for is in the Appearance preference pane, “Show subdocument counts in binder”. This will place a little “pill” with a number in it, showing you the complete count of all items within that container, to the very bottom of the outline.

Secondary to that is just clicking on any container and viewing it in Corkboard or Outliner mode. In the footer bar, you’ll see a count of the total number of items inside the container. With Outliner, you can use Cmd-9 to completely expand the outline and get a full count. Corkboard will only ever give you a count for one level at a time (which might be what you want anyway).

Gosh Amber V - you’re really awesome !!! Thanks for this ---- it’s exactly what i needed… cheers, Thomas