How to count the word count of specific documents?

I saw the option “Count only documents marked for inclusion” in the “Project Statistics” menu, but how exactly do I mark or unmark documents for inclusion?

I’ve just seen at the bottom of the page on the right the sheet of paper with a tick on it. That says toggle include in compile so I guess you press any that aren’t to be included.

I don’t seem to be able to see this icon you’re talking about.

Would you be able to post a picture?

You are in the wrong forum. Try posting your question in the Mac section: viewforum.php?f=28

I’m using Scrivener on Windows

I have my status set to “Mac” because I primarily use an iPhone

There is an option on your profile settings for “Win + iOS” which is far more accurate than “Mac”, since it’s different from both.

The tick-mark you’re looking for is in the inspector. I don’t have the official released version of Scriv for Windows anymore, so a screenshot would look different, but go through the various icons in the inspector until you find the “Include in Compile” check-mark. Alternately, you can view your draft folder in outline mode, and enable the “include” column to see and change them.

Note that you shouldn’t have to un-check it for documents outside of the draft folder, so don’t bother doing that for your research folder and such. That’s just a waste of your time and effort.