How to create a book with two stories with chapters

I am uncertain if this is the correct forum in which to do this post so move it if required.

Here’s my dilemma. I am writing a book with two stories in it, each with a number of chapters in it. What I am trying to get sorted out is a half page title, followed by 25 chapters numbered from 1 to 25, then the half page title for the second story, then this followed by 25 chapters numbered also from 1 to 25.

I’ve fiddled with the compile settings, but it always just makes it chapter 1 to 25, then turns the second half page title page into chapter 26, and then makes the rest of the chapters 27 to 51. And this NOT what I want. And don’t suggest it to be two books, as that’s also not what is needed or wanted.

Can someone post one or more screenshots (or links to some) that show the WINDOWS version of the compiler where he or she has done a similar setup for a book. It’s rather urgent, because this book is due out next month, and I’ve been at it trying to make the compiler behave itself in the way I want the book to be formatted now for over 2 months.

I guess the closest setup to this might be the setup for an anthology so if the setup for one of these is also available to be shown, that will help, because then at least I have somewhere to start.

Btw, in another support forum it was suggested I had to make two folders under Novel Format to do this. If this is how to achieve the above, please confirm this please…

I think you need the <$rst> placeholder tag somewhere in your compile settings, though I’m not sure where you’d put it. See Appendix D “Placeholder Tags” for more info.

Okay, in the manual for the $rst tag it says this:

Now can anyone tell me WHERE to put the tag in the file for compiling so I get the desired two stories with each having however many chapters it ends as. Oh and added bonus if you can also make sure my book page numbering goes from 1 to 200 and NOT 1 to 100 and 1 to 100 for second story. That’s not what I want to happen. :slight_smile:

So 2 stories, each with 20-25 chapters, and then book is numbered from 1 to 300 or whatever the final page count is… :smiley:

Thanks in advance…

Couldn’t you achieve all this by just structuring your project in the binder in accordance with the wanted output structure?

Folder - Book 1
Folder - Chapter 1
Documents …
Folder - Chapter 2

Folder - Book 2
Folder - Chapter 1
Documents …


Exactly. Easier than manually trying to force it to deviate from the binder structure.

I already had tried that in various different ways and no it doesn’t give the right results that I want. But thanks for suggesting it. :slight_smile:

I’ve managed to figure out how to name the two story sections with a half page title now (thanks Briar Kit for that link as one of the posts there helped achieve it). Will work with the content of that other post to see if I can now get to do Front Matter, Half Page Title, Chapter 1- 25, Half Page Title, Chapter 1-25, Back Matter setup. Once I find the solution, I WILL post it here together with screenshots so other people will be able to replicate it if they want or need it for a book. :slight_smile: