How to create a default templates folder for all new projects?

How do I set the templates folder in a project as the default templates folder for each and every new project I create? In other words, it should propagate those templates in the templates folder to all new projects. Thanks.

There is a planned future feature that will allow precisely that: you create a folder somewhere on your system and put files in it, and they’ll be added to the New from Template menu in a universal fashion. However that does have its limitations since they are then files, not binder items. Special Scrivener formatting in the editor, metadata, custom icons and other characteristics will not exist for some random RTF or TXT file.

So that aside, you should have a look at the Project Templates feature (§5.4 in the user manual PDF). Skip down to §5.4.3, Creating Your Own Templates for the specifics, if you’re already familiar with the concept at a basic level. And don’t forget you can have as many project open as you like, and can drag and drop stuff from one binder to another. Keeping parallel projects with similar templates aligned is usually not a very difficult task.

Thanks for the reply. This is a good planned feature. But, I was actually wondering whether it is possible to make an internal binder folder within the project serve as the default templates folder. In other words, you set it as the default, and then for every new project you create, the default templates folder is placed in the binder while at the same time preserving the template folder documents’ custom icons, metadata, etc. I’m inferring that this isn’t possible. I suppose the method used in the planned feature will have to do. Thanks.

Ah, no other than templates, which serve to set up how new projects are created. But projects are always completely self-contained and do not share binder elements or features across each other. Even if you use a template, there is no longer any connection to the template it came from—that act is more like a convenience macro for the steps of unzipping a new copy of a project to our disk from the same .zip over and over.

Makes sense. Thanks.