How to create a Glossary od Terms?


I am writing an instructional book and I need to create a glossary of terms. I want to link each occurrence of a given term to its glossary description (or at least a first mention of the word to its glossary description). I did a bit of research and went through the tutorial but couldn’t find a step-by-step solution. I am new to Scrivener - played with it for a few days. Thanks in advance for your answer!


Page 93 of the manual talks about using Scrivener links to create cross-references to other documents.

My interpretation of this is that you would

  1. create an end document called ‘Glossary’ where you would list and define the terms.
  2. find the first term in your project and create a link from it pointing to its relevant target in the Glossary - the default behaviour from this is that Scrivener will create a split view, one showing your source document (i.e. where you clicked the link), the other showing the link destination, i.e. in your Glossary document.

Other people may have better ideas.