How to create a Kindle e-book without table of contents?


I’m trying to compile my Scrivener project into a Kindle e-book. I’m using Windows 10 without Microsoft Office installed on it.

The automatically generated table of contents is corrupt (includes only the first chapter, but not the rest). Therefore I want to remove the table of contents altogether.

How (using what option or setting) can I create a Kindle e-book with Scrievener without the automatically generated table of contents?

By “automatically generated table of contents” I mean the one that Scrivener inserts even if you don’t have a table of contents in the document.

Thanks in advance

Dmitri Pisarenko

Kindle ebooks must have a TOC. That’s why Scrivener generates it.

The automatic TOC includes all “chapters”, i.e. the folder titles you use as chapter headings.