How to Create a Table of Contents?


I am writing a simple project. In that way, I need to create a ToC. How can I do it?



There isn’t a way to create a proper ToC in the current version of Scrivener. Stay tuned for the next update, which is coming very soon. You can already try it right now, if you’re willing to experiment with beta software, from our forum here.


I have to deliver my dissertation to the next 14th. is it the beta software reliable to try?


Personally I don’t upgrade to a new version of anything with a major deadline that close, beta or not. That’s always going to be a personal decision though.

It’s already possible to make a ToC using existing methods though. Just compile to RTF, and in Word use the feature to select similar formatting, on the headings, give them Heading 1, Heading 2 styles, etc. Then insert a ToC. It takes five or ten minutes and you probably need a Word file anyway for the final output.