How to create an internal link from a footnote

I have a 400k characters text in which there are a lot of cross references. For example, let’s say I mention Zorro in chapter 1, but the whole of chapter 5 is about Zorro.
How can I create a footnote in chapter 1 that will allow me to write “see page…” or any similar link?
Conversely, let’s say I am in chapter 5 and at some point I need to remind the reader that I already talked about Zorro in Chapter 1. So in the main body, I would write something like “We already mentioned Zorro.” The underline is for the footnote. But how can the footnote send the reader back to the proper paragraph in chapter 1.

PS. My Internet connection is kind of flimsy (I am in a remote place in China), so I ask the question rather than spending hours waiting for pages to open. Thanks for your understanding :wink: )

If you use inline footnotes (not inspector footnotes), you can add a Scrivener link to a footnote, to link to another document in your binder. Note that the link is to a specific document and not to a position within a document; if you want to link to a specific paragraph, then that paragraph must be in a document all of its own (perfectly feasible, given the way in which Scrivener supports working in “chunks”). Note also that Scrivener links may be removed during the compile process, depending on the options you choose, so it will help you decide how to approach them if you have an idea of how you want to output the material at the end of the process.

This is quite a big topic, so rather than repeat several detailed pages of the user manual here, I suggest that you read section 9.5 on Scrivener links. There is a subsection (9.5.5) on linking with page numbers (added when the draft is compiled) which should be of particular interest. Chapters 22 and 23 also contain relevant material. You can access the manual via Help > Scrivener Manual, or you can download a PDF copy separately from: (make sure you choose the Mac version of the manual).

I hope this helps. If you have specific questions on how to implement this, do let me know. But I think you’ll find that the user manual covers a lot of ground!


Dear Siren/Astrid

Thanks for your reply. I have to look into the inline footnotes topic as it allows linking, whereas linked footnotes do not seem to allow linking from the inspector.
Thanks also for mentioning the chunks!
I agree that the user manuel covers a lot of ground, so much so that it’s easier to just ask here :laughing: