How to create bullet points or numbered lists in Scrivener?

Hey, this might be a stupid question but I can’t find an answer to it :smiley:

How do I create bullet points or a numbered list? The option is always greyed out, no matter what I do:


Does the editor pane have the focus? You can’t create lists in the Binder, for instance.


Yeah, It’s active, I’m typing in it. It’s really strange :smiley:

I have the same problem.

  • Opening the document on my Mac (Scrivener 3, Catalina), seems to work.
  • Opening the document on my MacBook (Scrivener 3, Big Sur) does not work. The bullet menu is greyed out like yours.
    I’m not sure if there are any preference settings (in Scrivener or MacOS) that would effect this, the only difference I’m aware of between the two computers is the operating system I’m using.

Has anyone found an answer to this? I had thought the bullet points weren’t working on this one document for some reason, but I tried a new document and it’s the same—the bullet points are greyed out.

If you’re using Big Sur, you’ve encountered a known issue. Upgrade to Scrivener 3.2.1.