How to create chapters in the binder in bulk?

I’d like to create 100 chapters in the binder without doing it 1 at a time. I have the chapter titles already in a spreadsheet. Possible?

(And is it possible to give them all word count targets in bulk rather than 1 at a time?)


Make 10 chapters select and duplicate and repeat

How is that supposed to fill in the titles? (Assuming they’re all different.) :thinking:

Very doable. Check out Scrivener’s multimarkdown import function.

Get your list into a plain text file outside of Scrivener. You will need to search and replace to impose a hash mark (#) delimiter on a line by itself between every chapter line. You might need to have blank lines above and below (I don’t quite remember). This tells Scriv’s MM where to break into separate docs. The result will be a series of empty docs in Scriv that have your chapter titles. Select all these in the Binder and use Convert to Folder.

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That did it, thanks very much. I tried to attached a screenshot below, but wasn’t allowed.

If anyone else wants to do this, The text file looks like this:

Title One

Title Two

Title Three

And I just had to select “Split into sections by finding separators in the text”.

I guess I’ll have to add word count targets manually, which is actually the slower part of the process, but that’s what music is made for :slight_smile:

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Another way to accomplish this that may have other advantages is to copy the text into an outliner like Dynalist (freemium) and then export to OPML and drag into the Binder. OPML files are instantly converted into a Binder hierarchy.

The Outliner can be used to create subtopics, which Scrivener will convert into folders.

I find that some processes like organizing and duplicating are easier in the outliner.

Any outliner that will export to OPML will work fine.

I also find it helpful to use a spreadsheet if I’m going to be using dates or sequential numbers in the binder. I can make entries like “Chapter 1” and “Chapter 2” in the spreadsheet and then have it duplicate and autofill to give me however many I need. Same with calendar dates. Then I paste them into Dynalist and finish building the hierarchy before exporting to Scrivener via OPML.