How to create double style?

How do I create a style will apply to carriage returns for each single return. In other words, I’d like there to be two lines between each paragraph.

I have moved tabs all the way left. Meaning, no tabs. I’d like this to be incorporated with the above style.

Will the above style also export to epubs, along with the line spacing I current have selected? Basically, lots of style questions. I’m not sure how to create them and put into them what I need.

There’s a drop-down menu for line spacing. It probably says “1.0” in the toolbar. Click on that and choose “Other…” from the bottom of the list.

If you go to Scrivener->Preferences->Editor, you can set the default for all new documents in the binder, and you can then change current documents to match by selecting them in the binder and going to Documents->Convert->Convert Formatting to Default Text Style….

During compile, you can set this, even if you don’t have this set up in the editor, by visiting the Formatting tab of the Compile window. I’m pretty sure that ebooks conform to this kind of formatting. My suggestion: experiment with your compile settings until you get a PDF output that looks right, then change the Compile for: option to epub or kindle output and load that up into a e-reader. Then you’ll know that… 1, your compile settings are correct, and 2, whether or not they work for e-readers.

Thanks. When I go to Compile > Formatting, I’m not able to change anything. Everything on the toolbar is grayed out. Is there something I need to do for this area to be enabled?

Setting line spacing will create large line spaces within a paragraph. I want to control the spacing when I hit return (create two carriage returns instead of one).

There’s not a way to force Scrivener to apply two carriage returns instead of one when you’re working in the editor (without using an external tool like TextExpander to swap two returns for one or some similar substitution), but you can adjust the before and after paragraph spacing without affecting the spacing between the lines in a paragraph. If you open the spacing menu as Robert said, you’ll see “paragraph spacing” options in addition to the line spacing; those are what you want to adjust.

That alone won’t give you an actual second carriage return, but if all you need is the white space, it will work. When you compile, if you’re compiling to a plain-text format, you can set an option in Transformations to convert the paragraph spacing to plain-text, which will give you the actual extra carriage returns.

To adjust the main document formatting in compile, you’ll need to check “Override text and notes formatting” at the top of the elements table.

Thanks. I found “other” in the line spacing drop down. But it does not apply to new paragraphs. Only existing. It always changes back to zero. Is there a way to make it stay on the value I give it?

I don’t want to apply my settings to the default style. I’d like to leave the default style alone and create my own style that I can choose.

Check out script settings in the manual. Using script mode you can hit return and get the extra white space for some styles and you can customize them in the script settings submenu. I think, though I am not one hundred percent certain, that you can have double space rather than just whitespace between paragraphs.

You can move back and forth between script mode and regular mode just by clicking on the submenu choice.

As always, the manual is your friend. The manual for scrivener is quite comprehensive and whenever I have a question I always consult it, learning more each time. It is written well enough to be readable as well as understandable.

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It should work like other ruler settings, applying to the paragraph you select and new paragraphs you create following that one, i.e. the new paragraphs will pick up all the paragraph attributes of the previous paragraphs. If you’re applying it to the second paragraph of a three-paragraph page, then it would not apply to a new fourth paragraph you create after the third one; that new paragraph would pick up formatting from paragraph 3 instead of paragraph 2. If you place the insertion point at the end of paragraph 2 and press Return to start a new paragraph, then that paragraph would pick up the formatting of paragraph 2 and should include the inter-paragraph spacing.

After you’ve formatted the paragraph as you want it, keep the insertion point in it and choose Format > Formatting > New Preset from Selection and select to save just the paragraph attributes. You can then apply that preset to other paragraphs throughout your projects by selecting it from the Format menu or from the drop-down on the right of the format bar.