How to create lists with multiple numbered levels: 1.2.1. etc?

Is it possible to create “scientific” numbered lists such as:

  1. This is first level
    1.1. Second level looks like this
    1.2. This is also second level
    1.2.1. Whoa, this is third level!
    etc. etc.

Thank you!

Sorry to say the text engine’s bullet list feature is pretty simplistic. I don’t think it is capable of referencing hierarchy from higher levels to begin with. I see no settings that would indicate it can, from the Format ▸ Lists ▸ Custom List… command, at any rate.

In many cases my advice is to treat the list feature and a few other things, like figures and tables, as placeholder formatting—a way of getting the data into the final RTF file so that it can have its formatting finalised more easily in a design environment (or even a word processor, lacking that).

You can.

On Windows Scriv 3 Beta, it will also keep it’s formatting even if you switch between Mac>Windows>iOs> Mac:
Format > List… > 1 1.1 1.2 2.1 2.2

Then you can easily modify the list:
ENTER for 1,2,3,4,5 etc.
TAB to go 1 level deeper
SHIFT+TAB to go 1 level back
On macOS Scrivener 3 it is not so straightforward, and everytime you switch the OS you will lose the formating. But if you use only MacOS then it should be fine:

Format > List… > 1 2 3

then hit ENTER to start from new line, followed by TAB to intend
You should have something like this:
Now you can go to Format > List… > Custom List…
Depending how deep in the hierarchy you are:
If in 1: then put Prefix 1. and change Bullet/Number to 1 2 3 hit OK
Custom List.png
If in 1.1: then put Prefix 1.1. and change Bullet/Number to 1 2 3 hit OK
If in 1.2.1: then put Prefix 1.2.1. and change Bullet/Number to 1 2 3 hit OK
And so on…

You should start geting something like this:

The good thing you have to do all of this only at the beginning of the project. Later it remembers the settings and you can use the same ENTER, TAB, SHIFT TAB shortcuts to switch between the levels. But only if you don’t switch to Windows and Back to macOS. If you switch to Windows and back to macOS your formatting won’t stick! Even trying to fix it will break all your text. So just don’t switch if you decide to use such lists on both OS platforms :wink: