How to create new document in Binder

How do I create a “document” in Scrivner? CMD N makes a new note. But only documents can be snapshotted. I have tried changing the icons, but the document icon isn’t there. Besides the documents that were there from the template, I have no other documents and don’t know how to create them. Thanks.

Anything in the Binder is a “document,” (or a folder) and any text file can be snapshotted.

You won’t be able to snapshot if it’s blank, though.

If you’re still confused, could you post a screenshot to help us understand what you’re seeing?

Also, have you been through the Interactive Tutorial, on the Help menu?


Katherine, thank you for your help. I went through the “Quick Start” tutorial before I started using it. When I had this problem I skimmed over it again and I Googled it. The problem was when I tried snapshot to see how it works, I tried it on a blank document. So then I went to another one and it worked. The one that worked was one of the default icons that was already in the template…with an icon that is not a choice when I create my own folder or text in the binder. I tried snapshots on several things. I must have coincidentally tried it all on blank docs because I had a big outline in there that I hadn’t filled in yet. I just tried it on a part where I have words and it worked. I was only interested in the ‘document’ symbol because I thought those were the only ones that would take a snapshot.

I can’t believe I didn’t realize this. Any time I press CMD N for a new document or sheet or whatever it is called, once I put text in it, it has that default icon I was looking for. It just has to have text in the body.

Yep. The icon actually changes depending on what’s there:

  • Blank page = empty document

  • Page with text = document with text

  • Index card = synopsis only

  • Stack of pages = document with sub-documents

And there’s a similar set of icons for folders.