How To Create New Projects

I am totally frustrated with Scrivener. I have several manuscripts I’m working on. I transferred one to Scriv from Word and worked with it for a couple of days, then I wanted to transfer another manuscript. I couldn’t figure out how to create a new draft within Scriv so I copied the shortcut to Scriv then deleted the files for the first manuscript within the copy and transferred the files for the second manuscript. Now my first manuscript is totally gone…all 30,000 words. Can I restore my first manuscript? How do I create new manuscripts without losing previous works?

Hello BarryWilson, and welcome to the forum. I am sorry to learn that you’re frustrated with locating your work in Scrivener.

Have you had a chance to review Scrivener’s Interactive Tutorial via Scrivener’s Help menu? It is a Scrivener project that we provide so that users can get hands-on practice navigating through Scrivener and learning about its features without using your own writing as a testing space.

If you haven’t gone through the Tutorial yet, you may want to start with reviewing it. It typically takes about an hour or so to go through it, and you can divide that review up as needed.

Creating a new Scrivener project can be done using the File > New Project command. That will take you to Scrivener’s project template screen and allow you select a project template, name the new project, and select its save location.

Have you tried searching your PC for the file name that you used when creating that first project? Or, have you gone to Scrivener’s File > Open Recents command and accessed that earlier project from the list of options?

Another option–assuming you had closed that 30,000-word project at least once before bringing in the materials from the second project–is to restore the 30K from Scrivener’s automatic backups.

The process to safely access and restore from backups is in §5.2.3 of the Scrivener manual. You can access a PDF of the manual via Scrivener’s Help menu.

I am not completely clear what you are trying to do here.

Are the two manuscripts part of the same project (two drafts of the same book or essay, for example) or are they two separate projects (eg a draft each for two different books or essays)? I ask because both cases have different solutions.

As RuthS said your first manuscript probably still exists, as a back up or a project. What do you see if you go to Scrivener’s menus and look at File > Recent Projects - is there anything listed there?