How to create subdocument

Guys, I am embarrassed I can’t find or figure out this kindergarten-level action.

How do I create a sub-document under a document AND how do I convert an already created document to sub-document status (change from sibling to child)?

I knew at one time how to do it, but can’t remember and can’t find my answer in the manual or on this board.


Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 10.13.56 PM.png

Sorry, forgot to attach a pic of what I want to accomplish.

Drag and drop will do it. --gr

Thank you, GR.

Thank you, GR.

Easiest way to change doc to subordinate doc is

Edit > Move > Move Right

Easiest for me, anyway


On Mac, the Move submenu is on the Documents menu.

And it is true that if you have handy key commands assigned to those menu items (thru Apple Sys Preferences), you have an easy keyboard-centric way of moving docs in the Binder as well.


In Mac (Version 2.9.5), the Move command to shift a document up or down, in or out — without changing its location — is under the Edit Menu.

The Move command under the Document Menu will move a document to an entirely different spot in the project.


HI, PJS. I don’t have an Edit > Move > Move Right option. Are you sure? Or am I missing something?


Actually, PJS, it moves it within the chosen item, just as I wish, with the DOCUMENTS > MOVE command for me. Thanks.

Thanks, GR, that does it for me.

Ahem. Version 2.9.5 is a private beta. The release version ( has no Move command on the Edit menu. Rather, the Documents → Move submenu allows you to move left/right, up/down, OR to a completely different location.

Sorry about the confusion.