How to cross reference documents

I have researched the topic and some of the threads are getting a little long, and are now either off topic/old/or confusing.
My question is how to simply cross reference documents. I do not want an active link, I only want a correct reference after section numbers are added using compile.

Doc#1 “Section Heading”
Document containing text blah blah blah (refer Doc#2).

Doc# 2 “Another Section Heading”
Another document blah blah.

Compiles to :
1.1 Section Heading
Document containing text blah blah blah (refer 1.2).

1.2 Another Section Heading
Another document blah blah.

Maybe its only done with manual replacement after compile?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I take it from the number of responses, that this cannot be done.

Why don’t you want to use Scrivener Links? They do refer to the final numbering on compile (check the help for title adjustments) which is what you want AFAIK.