How to cross reference to another location within the same document?

How can I cross-refer to a chapter in Scrivener? I compile to Docx.
I want to write: “See chapter ‘so-and-so’” (I do not use numbered chapters). The text should be a link to that chapter.
I simply cannot figure out how to do it. Here is a challenge: Can anyone provide a 3-item list that explains how to do this (simple) task?

Drag and drop the target document in the editor.
You can edit the link’s text afterwards.

Not sure how for it to work in a compiled PDF though. But that’s how you link within a project.

when compile have option to keep in all hyperlinks inside document. Never have tried but could keep them and see if link to various chapters.
Remember if highlight words can drag binder item onto highlighted words to create link to file/folder without changing the text. (ie could remove links when compile on future output and not change text or have to further edit)
See third compile window and settings, include a picture of settings for docx.

I’ve enabled “Include in RTF bookmarks” on every heading level.
Here is what I look like in compiler options.
Here is what I do in the text editor.

In MS Word the hyperlink points to my personal Sharepoint site where the document is stored. This is not good if the document is to be distributed to other people.

Then why not include additional documents as addendums that can be referred to if needed to further illuminate a point. Your right links will not work if refer to non compiled documents in this situation.

Just drag the document from the Binder into the document that needs the link. When you drag it on a selected word, that word becames the text of the link.

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Thank you, but still, the hyperlink points to my Sharepoint folder. However, I converted the docx file to pdf to see where the hyperlink sent me; to the original docx file, or to the heading within the pdf file. Fortunately, it sent me to the heading within the pdf :grinning:

Next, I would like to create a cross-reference (with a link) to a heading, but with the heading name displayed in the link. As in “See chapter XXX”, where XXX is the heading. Here is how I have organized the binder:

I could of course just write the heading into the text and create a link as above. But, what if the heading changes? Then it would be nice if the text in the link also changed.

I’ve looked into “Title options” in the compiler (ch.24.2.4 in the manual).
I’ve looked into ““Using placeholders in the prefix and suffix” (ch. 24.2.8 in the manual)
I’ve looked into Document title links” (ch.24.7 in the manual)
I’ve looked into the placeholder manual.

And, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” :wink:

I have a feeling that “title_no_spaces” might be used in some way. Perhaps “linkID”, and perhaps also “label” can be used. Who knows?

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If you compile directly to PDF from within Scrivener, does the link point to the right place?

If compiling to Word gives bad links, but converting from Word to PDF in Word fixes them, that sounds like Word is mishandling the links it gets from Scrivener.

Also, what version do you have? The recent Win Scrivener 3.1.2 update fixed some bugs related to linking.

For the more complex case you describe, it sounds like you’re looking for something similar to Word’s auto-updating crossreference fields. Scrivener doesn’t have them, at least not at Word’s level of sophistication. Sorry. The closest would be the named figure/table numbering placeholders – see the placeholder tags list available from the Help menu for more information.

Thank you all for your good replies. I have installed the latest version of Scrivener. With the tip on updating document links to use target title, I think this is the closest I get to Word functionality. And, yes, it was something similar to Word I was looking for. However, the two tips about dragging and dropping the document onto the highlighted text, and right-clicking and updating to target title make this an adequate substitute. In fact, you don’t have to bother writing the whole title in the first place; just write a random letter, then highlight, then right-click and update :grinning:

Regarding compiling directly to pdf, that did not work at all. The link disappeared, only plain text.



Here is an issue with footnotes going directly from Scrivener to pdf:

Here is the exact same footnote going via Word:


Try different fonts.




I think internal links to PDF is a tad more complex than just drag and drop and expect it to work once compiled.
We’ve reached the limit of my knowledge in that matter.

But try checking this option in the compiler’s panel :

No, this will definitely not work. As the text says, this will create links that open in Scrivener. It’s intended to facilitate collaborative editing.

Sorry :bowing_man:
Well then, I guess the answer involves placeholders ?

I know the manual can be downloaded in its project form. That could be a place to look. That, or its content on the topic, plain simple, of course.