How to cross-reference?

I’ve searched in vain here trying to find what, to me, is a common task: How to refer readers to an earlier paragraph in my manuscript?

For example, in a later chapter I might write: “As described on Page XX…”

So when Compiling, I need Scrivener to automatically assign the final Page Number where this reference points to. Obviously I don’t know this yet, and of course it may change if more content is added preceding it. Clear?

I don’t see this in the “List of All Placeholders,” nor can I find it in the User Manual. Is this option even available in Scrivener, or do I need to make such cross-references in something else, like Word?

Thanks for any guidance here. (Scrivener 3 for Mac)

Questions are better placed in the Tech Support section. This one is supposed to be for passing on tips, so the Tech Support staff don’t check it that often.

Anyway, I did something like this in version 2 of Scrivener using the parentposition placeholder. I don’t know if this still exists in version 3 as I haven’t compiled anything in it yet. But I’d be surprised if it’s not possible. It used to be possible to get the complete list of placeholders in the Help menu, but I’m not at my Mac to be able to check if that it still the case.

Thanks for jumping in here, MBBNTU, that’s a good lead to explore. (And I’ll head to the Tech Support section now…)