How to Cull Icons From Menu?

I have too many icons in this menu. Is there any way to get rid of some (note there’s only one in the Scriv support folder)?


That “Manage Custom Icons…” command at the top of the menu ought to help you out with most of the rest. Icons can be stored in either the project itself or the support folder. The former is better for portability, but it does mean you’ll have to remove them individually from each project to really get rid of them all.

Now as for the Text-Based Icons, those you can’t manage directly. They appear based on usage. If you use them in the project, they will be added to the menu, and they will remain in the menu (even if you remove them all) for the remainder of the session.

But I’m having trouble getting to all those non-project icons. As you can see below, there are only a few in the support folder, yet the menu has many. Perhaps this is related to my switch from PC to Mac or my upgrade to V3??

Yeah I wondered about the “R” entry, which lacks a name. Here’s what I’d try:

  1. Close the project to be on the safe side.
  2. In Finder, right-click on it and select “Show Package Contents”.
  3. You’ll find an “Icons” subfolder at the top level. See if you’ve got any entries in there that aren’t showing up in the manager.

Any common patterns to them? They can safely removed from this folder. Any items in the binder making use of them will just drop back to defaults.

Here’s what’s in the icons folder—nothing unexpected.

I tried searching My Mac for a file that includes “lectern” in the filename, for example, and can’t find any. Perhaps some folders are excluded from searches?

Oh wait, are you talking about all of the built-in icons, of which Lectern would be included? Yeah, there are a bunch of those, just like there would have been on Windows. There may be a few more than you’re used to, and some different ones (we updated the list for 3.0), but if that’s what you mean, then you’d have to modify the software to remove them, which isn’t very practical.

Okay, I understand. Thanks.