How to customise page number layout for Ebooks in Scrivener 3.1.1

When I compile my manuskript for ePub Ebook (.epub) using the standard Ebook format the page numbers at the bottom of each page are display in grey, dimmed colour, e.g. “Page 3” and also “10 pages left”.

As my book is aimed for Swedish speaking readers, how can I tweak this to “Sidan 3” and “10 sidor kvar”?

I have searched the forum, the manual and the tutorial without success.

Thank you.

That data is generated dynamically by the reading device (such as Apple Books) using the operating language of the device itself. Presumably your device is set to use English.

A Swedish user reading your book on a device that has Swedish as its operating language will see the data in Swedish: “Sidan 3” and “10 sidor kvar”.

In the example below, I am reading a Danish book with my OS set to Swedish, so Apple Books gives the data in Swedish, matching the language set by the OS.

You don’t need to change anything in Scrivener as the data isn’t generated by Scrivener.

Slàinte mhòr.