How to decrease bullet indent for one line in a list?

What I want to do is just decrease the indent of a single bullet in a list. I did a sub-list and want to return to the indent of the main list. I’ve only found posts about decreasing or increasing indents for an entire document/project.

I tried something similar to the Windows shortcut of Ctrl+Q+Shift, but this just makes my Mac try to close all programs.

Can anyone help? Trying to use Format->Text options did not help with this, and Ctrl+click on the line doesn’t give me the option to decrease either. I don’t see any arrow icon up at the top that looks similar to MS Word’s indent decrease/increase… so I am at a total loss!

Actually, I just kind of figured this out by accident after posting. I hit backspace on a list I created beneath the first one in an attempt to just stop listing (it had automatically started a list at the sub-list indent level) and the backspace made the bullet decrease indent back to the original level.

HOWEVER, this works very inconsistently and often doesn’t work for me. So, I am changing my question to: Is there another keyboard shortcut on the Mac to do this, that works a bit better?

Tab and Shift-Tab are the commands for setting bullet indent levels.