How to delete a project?

I’ve been using Scriv for years & want to delete some old projects. I cannot believe I can’t figure out how. Help doesn’t help, neither do searches.

And how do I rename a project?

Both require you to go to the Finder. Locate your project, and then either drag it to the trash, or CMD-click on the file name to rename it. Much like in a word processor, there usually isn’t a way to rename your file (Save As, sure, but not rename), nor is there an option to delete the file.

Take note of your signature, Robert … this is on Mac. Select the project in Finder, hit return, type the new name, hit return … tadaa!

I wonder if part of the problem for people is that the screen that Scrivener shows on startup is a bit like the file manager in some other programs, like Nisus.

Cheers, Martin.

“Take note”? Take note!? You can take note of my fist while I shake it at you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for setting the record straight. I was at my work (windows) computer, and couldn’t remember how to rename a file on the Mac. Always hated the way the key affected files. I’d much rather it was a simulated click.