how to delete a project?

hello all… scrivener newbie here. can’t figure out how to delete a project…must be an answer on the forum, but I can’t find it, and i’m guessing it’s a simple thing, but I can’t spot it. Any direction would be appreciated. thanks.

A whole project?

You could find the directory where you’ve saved it and delete the appropriate “.scriv” folder.

So if I’ve created a project called “Bendy Bananas” in the My Documents directory, I’d go to “My Documents,” find “Bendy Bananas.scriv” (which will look like a folder) and delete it.

Hopefully I’m not misreading your question; I don’t want to steer you towards deleting something you don’t want to delete.

thanks… i was wondering if there may not be associated project files, stored elsewhere, that wouldn’t be deleted by a simple deletion of the project folder, and the software might have a delete program that gets all of them. i guess that each project’s files are all stored within the project folder. onward, into the fog. thanks again.

If you need to thoroughly wipe a project (say for legal reasons or whatever), then you should be aware that Scrivener automatically backs up your work every time you close a project. Thus you likely have some copies of the project stored in the separate backup folder, that would need to be wiped as well as the project folder. The easiest way to get there is to go into your Tools/Options... menu, click on the Backups tab, and click the handy button there to open the backup folder.

For future reference, if there are projects that you do not want backups to happen for, you can exclude them from this safety net with the File/Back Up/Exclude from Automatic Backups menu command, after creating it.