How to delete a style

I created a custom style that I no longer wish to keep. How do I remove it from the Styles menu?


Totally unintuitive Apple mess, but in the Styles drop-down, select ‘other’. Then click the “Favorite Styles” radio button. Select the style you wish to remove from the drop-down, and click “Remove from Favorites” button on the left.

That got it. Thank you, Amber.

I continue to marvel at how many of the quandaries I get into while using Scrivener go back to the Apple text editing pod (or whatever it’s called). The styles palette often baffles me. Is there some place where we can find an explanation/tutorial, anyone? Not on the Apple site, I bet.

The TextEdit help file is probably the best place, though it’s hardly comprehensive…


I’ve just been through something similar, trying to figure out the styles thing in TextEdit. Is there any way, Keith, that another text editor could be the basis of later versions of Scriv? TextWrangler, for example.

Er… No. TextEdit isn’t the basis of Scrivener. The Apple text system is, which TextEdit also uses. And I really don’t see how TextWrangler is even remotely comparable to a rich text system…

I have probably asked this before – is there a way to change the default style, OS wide I mean?

It’s not just saving a style under the name “default”. You can do it but all settings will be ignored.

Any hint is welcome. I’m even not afraid of using a tool like PrefEdit if necessary.