How to delete one file that is causing crashing


I have used Scrivener for years, all through my PhD and beyond, and I have never had this issue, so hope someone can help!

I tried to paste an online article into a file, probably with too many pictures and graphics etc, and it caused the whole thing to freeze. After Force Quit, I can reopen the project but it still freezes on that file. So my question is, how I can I isolate and delete that file? Or will it continue to work fine if I just don’t touch that file ever again…?

If the project opens without that problem document loading in the editor, then select Navigate ▸ Binder Selection Affects ▸ None, move the document to the trash, and either empty the trash as a whole or right-click the document once in the trash and select Delete. Then reset your binder selection navigation back to whatever you had previously and you’re set.

If you can’t work in the project at all once it’s open because it’s automatically loading that doc and instantly freezing, you’ll need to either use Finder to identify and delete the document from the .scriv project package while it’s closed or temporarily remove the interface settings from within the project package so that you can then open the project and follow the steps above to delete the document. To do the latter, which I recommend as easier:

  1. Right-click the .scriv project in Finder and choose Show Package Contents
  2. From the Settings folder, move the “ui-common.xml” and the “ui.plist” files to another location outside the project, e.g. to the Desktop
  3. Open the project in Scrivener. This should have reset the interface so that the editor is no longer loading with that problem document, so you can now set the Navigation settings to prevent the binder selection from affecting the editor, then move the document to the Trash and delete it.
  4. Close the project and restore the two ui files back into the [projectname].scriv/Settings folder, replacing the two new ones that were automatically created when you opened the project in step 3.
  5. Reopen the project—you should be back to how you originally had it, minus the corrupted document.

it worked! Thank you so much for your help

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