How to delete text-based icons

Hi all,

I looked for a text-based icon for my folders, but changed my mind and decided to use an image icon. Now they keep appearing in the icon menu, but how do I delete the text-based icon menu? I do not want to use them anymore.

Thank you

I haven’t actually tried Text-Based icons, so can’t say for sure, but have you tried deleting the Text-Based icons from the Manage Icons option?

I can only delete the image icons :confused:

It looks like the software is working incorrectly in this regard. This menu should only list icons that are in use, in the binder, or icons that you have used during the current session.

Instead, it is storing them in the project’s settings for all time to come, with no interface to delete them.

The only way to get rid of them at the moment is to manually edit the Settings/ui.ini file, and delete the Unicode values you no longer want, from the “textIcons” key—or if you don’t want any you can just delete the whole line from the file.

As always, it’s a good idea to drag out a copy of internal project files you edit by hand, to have a backup handy in case the edit messes up the file.

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Thanks, Amber

That worked for me…

This worked - thank you very much, Amber!