How to Delete "Untitled" after my Project Name

I’m new to Scrivener and I noticed that, once I name my project, that as I work, at the top of the page it lists the name as Name of Project followed by the word “Untitled.” I deleted the word “untitled” when I named the project origninally, Its not listed this way when I go to my finder folder, and I guess its not really a big deal. But it a little disconcerting and I was just wondering how to fix it. :question: Thanks

What you set the project name to in Finder is what will be used throughout the software. Something to note about the project title bar label is that it is also showing you the document inside the project that you have focussed. So if you have a document called “Untitled” loaded in your active text editor, you’ll see “Untitled” in the title bar. Try clicking on the Research folder, you should see “Project Name - Research”.