How to delete w/out losing info

I’m a noob. I just bought Scrivener for my iPad in December. Somehow it also shows up on my iPhone. But I need to free up space on my iPhone, and I don’t type on my iPhone. So if I delete the Scrivener app from my iPhone, will I lose my manuscript data in the app on my iPad? Will the app on my iPad disappear too?

There is nothing different here than from any other iOS app.

  • Delete the icon, lose everything on that device (as the warning will state when you try).
  • Deleting an icon on one device has nothing to do with other devices you own.

So if you have all of your data stored on two different devices, you won’t be losing anything by freeing up some space on the phone, it will just now all be located on one device instead, the iPad. If you want to delete that one, then you should back up your data first. If you use Dropbox, then make sure the projects are all located in Dropbox and fully uploaded (I would also verify they are good using a Mac/PC). If you aren’t using Dropbox (and this might be a good idea to do anyway, I sure would) plug the device into your computer and use iTunes file sharing to copy all projects and anything else that looks important to you from Scrivener’s storage area (for example if you created custom compile appearance files, you might want to copy those down to your laptop).