How to designate a section in a document to duplicate in other documents.

LL: I am working on 12 books simultaneously.(Lots of Latte) Portions of one book will be identical in other books. Is there a way to identify a “MASTER” section in a document and to, in another document(s) receive the same text? Thank you - David

Scrivener 3 has a new <$include> placeholder for this sort of thing. Here’s what you would do:

  1. Place the text you want duplicated in its own document somewhere in the project (or in an RTF or TXT file on disk somewhere).

  2. Use the <$include> tag wherever you want it including in the text. E.g: <$include:docName> or <$include:filePath>. (Or you can just use <$include> on its own but make it a document link to the document you want included).

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