How to display document titles in Scrivenings mode

In the Editor, when I am writing in ‘Scrivenings Mode’ (which I do most of the time), I am often unsure as to exactly which sub-doc I am working in, as only the parent folder/doc is highlighted in the binder. Is there a way to display document titles within the documents in Scrivenings mode, as this would resolve this problem completely
Thank you

Format -> Options -> Show titles in Scrivenings

Under Format -> Options, the only options I see are ‘Show Invisibles’, ‘Ghost Notes Mode’ and ‘Typewriter Scrolling’

I notice Lunk is on a Mac. Maybe that’s a Mac-only thing?

I have this question too, and also do not see the options that Lunk refers to.

One work-around for this, prior to v3, is to add the title within each text as an inline annotation. These will show up in Scrivenings mode, but wont appear in the Compiled version



View -> Text editing -> Show Titles in Scrivenings

Not helpful most of the mac users just posting what happens on the mac. For windows go to View / Reveal in Binder.