How to display web pages in split screen

I have the Scrivener editor set up as a split screen and have saved a web page in my research folder which I am trying to display within the editor but when I click on the link the web page is being displayed in my Firefox browser … how do I get the page to be displayed inside my editor …

Ordinarily you would just click on the imported page (perhaps using PDF) in the Binder and it will appear in the main editor (or whichever split is currently active) just like when clicking on a text file or folder. There is no link to click on in this equation, so I’m wondering if perhaps you haven’t imported the page and are maybe clicking on a Reference in the sidebar, or maybe a hyperlink in a text document? Those will definitely go to your browser as they are just links, not pages.

If you haven’t tried importing, just drag and drop from the URL bar icon in your browser into the blue Binder sidebar, or if your browser doesn’t work that way, you can copy the URL and then use File/Import/Web Page….

I was clicking on a reference in the Inspector window and thought it should be appearing inside the editor… thanks for clearing up that mistake … maybe that should be an option … so you could view web pages within the editor even if they are not actually stored as part of your project …

Yes, that is something we may make possible in the future.

This is already possible via the context menu. If you right-click the webpage link in the references, you should have the option to “Open in Current Editor” or “Open in Other Editor”.

Excellent, I was looking for drag and drop. Thanks.

Well… well … well … thanks for pointing out that right click tip … that’s exactly what I wanted to do !