How to drag and drop RTF list into scapple and create multiple scapple nodes (not just one containing the whole list)

thanks in advance for your time and help

Scapple doesn’t read “complex” RTF formatting, for the most part, but you should get a sensible result if you tick the import option to split into notes by single carriage returns.

Basically if the text has regular text and list text, it will leave the bullet marker intact, and will indent the lines that are listed. If you want a different, more “plain” approach, then just remove the list formatting from the RTF and import each line as a note.

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thank you !

A follow-up question: I often find myself in the situation where I want to split the text in a node into multiple smaller nodes. What is the most efficient way of doing this ?

For here and there decisions, Notes ▸ Split is the best. But if you want to go back and split a larger chunk of text by lines or something, it’s easiest to just copy and paste it into TextEdit or something, save it, and import it with that split option.

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thanks very much for everything !

Sorry: I am now confused. I don’t see a menu command called “import”.

Have you tried drag and drop, as per the topic?

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I am very sorry: now I understand.
I meant drag and drop the text itself, not the file.
I apologize for the confusion.
I will create a keyboard maestro macro highlight RTF Text → convert to file → send to Yoink which I will then drag and drop into scapple.
thanks again

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