how to drag keywords to file?

Many times Scrivener is challenging my sense of intuition. ;-(
I have followed the instructions from the manual: (1) open keyword panel, (2) add keywords; but then I do not succeed in adding the keyword(s) to my keywords of this specific file. I can ‘drag and drop’ the text of the keyword to other places: e.g. the file itself, the summary, but that is of no use! I want it in the specific list of keywords!

You should be able to drag the keywords from the project keywords window to an item in the binder, on the corkboard, or in the outline to apply the keyword to the document. If you select multiple items first and then drag and drop the keywords on any of the selected items, the keywords will be applied to all of them.

You can also switch the inspector showing the document’s keywords (select the key icon in the inspector footer) and then drag and drop keywords there, or use the “+” button in the inspector keywords header to add or create them for the individual document. New keywords you create will automatically be listed in the project keywords window.

If you’re not able to drag and drop keywords this way, double-check in Help > About Scrivener to see if you’re running the 1.6.1 - 31 Oct build of Scrivener. There was a keywords drag and drop problem with a previous release, so you might just be seeing that. If you’re on an earlier build, you can download the current release from the website, then close Scrivener and install over your existing copy to update.

Yes that was the problem: I have downloaded this 1.6.1. - 31 okt 2013 version and now it works fine.
Strange thing for me: I have worked with keywords a few months ago, but then I have had no problems. That is why I thought I was doing something wrong, trying one way and another. Annoying!
So I will ask sooner if I have problems like these.
Another question: I checked for updates not too long ago. That said that scrivener was up to date! Do I have to check regularly for updates myself? And how?

Glad it’s working for you again!

Normally the automatic check for updates should work just fine to inform you when there’s a new release out. The 1.6.1 release was unusual because we had to release a hotfix for the keywords drag and drop breaking and another issue, but we weren’t able to change the release number because of a conflict with the special NaNoWriMo trial version that was out at that time. We therefore had to just put a note about this in the change list on the website and re-release as 1.6.1, which unfortunately meant it didn’t trigger the auto-update for any users who had already downloaded the initial 1.6.1 release in the few hours it had been out.

Thanks for this clarification. Makes me aware of that I have to check updates regularly.