How to Duplicate a Project on iOS without a Mac/PC


So I understand templates aren’t available on iOS. My Mac is in the repair shop and I’d like to start a new project using an existing format/template.

How can I duplicate a project in iOS? I don’t know how long my Mac will be in the shop.

I have 3rd party templates that were regular Scrivener files that show up in iOS as test files (e.g.: 7 point story TEST, Great American Novel Test).

If I have to do it through DropBox (i.e.: login to DropBox and duplicate an existing file there) I will do it that way but if there’s a way that’s more elegant and simpler from within the app, I’d prefer that.

On the main list of the projects click the Edit command at top, then select with the button the project you wish to duplicate, then pick the button at bottoms with the “+”.

Probably documented somewhere. i just explored. not something I have done before. thanks for the learning opportunity.


Thank you so much for this solution!

Because I saved a few sample template tests to DropBox, I can keep them as local copies on the iPad now and just duplicate the templates, rename the copy and connect those to DropBox, which is fantastic. The local projects can serve as a template folder.


I appreciate the help, especially with my Mac at the doctor’s.