How to edit and/or format the "Contents"-page?

Hi, my name is Frank and I bought Scrivener a few days ago.
So I am real beginner and have to learn a lot.

There is one little problem that I could not solve with reading the help file:

When exporting as E-Book in mobi (Amazon) format I find a “Contents” page in the exported book that I did not add myself. It seems to be added automatically.

Unfortunately the header of this page is “Contents” and since I write in German for German readers I would like it changed to “Inhalt” or “Inhaltsverzeichnis” which are the German eqivalents for “Content”.

Where can I edit or change this “Contents” page?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Sorry for being so persistent :wink:

I am wondering why I did not get an answer to my question.
Maybe the answer is so obvious that no one bothers to answer it?

Since I found no solution myself yet, I would be very grateful if someone would be so kind and give me a hint.

Please tell me how I can edit the “Contents” page that appears in my exported mobi-books.
Above all I have to change the heading “Contents” to the appropriate German word “Inhalt”.

Thanks a lot for any kind of help :slight_smile:

Hello Frank,
Until someone with better knowledge comes along I remember reading somewhere that some of the epub reader software automatically generates a contents page. Not sure how this can be changed within Scrivener itself. Not helpful I know, but at the minute the forum mods appear to have gone missing (hoping they are up to something Scrivener related.) Just have to wait for someone with a better answer comes along.

I’m not sure but I believe I heard that this cannot be done, at least on the current Windows version. The workaround is to compile as an epub and then open with third party software like Calibre or Sigil (both free), and use that to make modifications.

You can then convert back to mobi or simply upload the epub to Kindle, which will convert it for you.

I hope this helps.

I’m very interested to this topic too. “Contents” sounds bad on other languages ebooks.
I tried the workaround with calibre and it works (in ePub only). But it’s not the right solution… It seems strange to me that it is not possible to get rid of the “Contents” word, may be there is the possibility in some way, but I spent a long time looking for it, with no result.
Better nothing, I think, that “Contentes”… I can change the word “notes”, in complile. If it could be same easy for “Contents”…
For the rest I think the software is great, I was surprised about its features. Ishould start using it before!
Hope it will become always better.
Anyway, thank you guys for the Calibre workaround. Not so confortable, but it works… :wink: :mrgreen: