How to edit 'Date/Time' insert

My Insert>Current Date & Time only inserts the time; how do I get it to insert the Date also?

Check you system preferences for date formats. This command just uses your localised settings. It may be that you’ve left one of those blank, and that is why nothing is showing up. You should be getting both a date and time.

Date and time are good in Sys Prefs. On the Safari Bar I get “Fri Oct 1 8:32pm” so I don’t think it’s with Apple.

What do you mean on the “Safari bar”?

Anyway, Ioa’s description is accurate - the Insert Date/Time uses your system preferences to format the date - the problem isn’t Apple’s but just with how you have formatted your time/date in the System Preferences. In particular, Scrivener uses the “Long date” and “Short time” to insert the date and time:

My guess is that you have done something with your System Preferences so that the long date is blank:

Thanks Gruff,
I previously had only filled in the “Middle date”.

Glad you got it sorted.

I have a reputation to maintain, you know. :slight_smile: