How to edit the caption "Contents" when exporting to epub?

Hi, I am new to Scrivener and I have already successfully exported some texts to ePub format.

Since I write German texts I wonder, how I can remove oder change the Englisch caption “Contents” in the TOC of the exported ePubs.

When opening the ePub files in Adobe Digital Editions my TOC looks like:

Inhaltsverzeichnis (= TOC in German)
Kapitel 1
Kapitel 2
and so on …

Since German readers do not know what “Contents” means, I would like to change it to “Inhalt” or to remove this page at all. Unfortunately I found not way to to do so. I tried different export templates but all of them contain this “Contents” entry.

I would be glad if someone could give me a hint how to achieve that.

Thanks in advance



This is how you do it on a Mac. Same/similar in Windows?


Thanks a lot :smiley:

I will try it tomorrow when I am back in the office.


I’m not a Windows user. Might not be the same as OS X. I hope a Windows user will see this thread and be able to help you more.

Fingers crossed.

Freundliche Grüße

Briar Kit

Unfortunately, the Windows version doesn’t have a Layout section in the compile window. You’ll have to use some other tool to edit the epub output to replace “Contents” with something more appropriately named.

Wish, as ever, I had your knowledge. :laughing:

Ha! I’m sitting at a Windows computer, so that bit of knowledge was easy to come by. :stuck_out_tongue:

A Windows computer…and an encyclopaedic mind. :stuck_out_tongue: