How to embed Audio files into a compile?

Hi there,

I just want to say first that i think this is a fantastic program… but I’m having a problem though that i can’t seem to fathom.

I’ve written a guide. It has pictures, links and audio files, and i cannot seem to work out how to get the audio files to stay with the guide after compiling. In a way they stay, but they still reference the original location on my hard drive, so if i view this guide in a different account or another computer the audio files cannot reference their location and therefore don’t work.

My preference is to have the end file in .html because it’s clean, simple, and everyone has a browser.

Is there a way to get the functionality that i’m after here?

Edit - maybe a little more info: I’ve put the audio files in the document buy using Edit > Add link > from file, rather than dragging from the browser or scrivener links because i found they didn’t work.

I got around the problem by editing the HTML directly and changing the path to a relative path rather than absolute.

This would be a nice option to have in a future update in my opinion.