How to exclude Scrivener Link from Compile?

I’m using Standard Manuscript Format to compile to PDF. I have checked Transformations > Remove All Hyperlinks. But Scrivener Links that are embedded in the text document are still printed to the PDF as text rather than removed. The documentation and some postings here seem to indicate that Scrivener Links are normally stripped out. But I’ve done the above and several variations on the above and can’t exclude them. These links are where I’ve put a reference to a document in Research into Manuscript text so while drafting I can jump to the research and months later while rewriting still find it and jump to it again. But of course I don’t want it in the final output. I’ve seen the postings and documentation about how to enable that a link using a document title is preserved and been careful not to preserve them. So how do I exclude these links from the compilation - I must be missing some step - or can this be done at the moment?

I think that this is the intended behaviour. You can put a link to ressources in the inspektor so that they will not show up in the compiled text.

You can strip all links in the Transformations pane, too.

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To be more precise, the issue I’m having is that the attempt to remove all hyperlinks in Transformations doesn’t seem to actually remove the link, but only covert its name to plain text.

This is a little more full description: I can mark text and create a link in Document One and then plant the link in another Document Two. In Document One the link uses the marked text as its name. At the other end in Document Two the link uses the title of “Document One” as its name. That link can then be dragged into Document Two’s text at some specific point and thus be placed directly at the point it is meant to provide information about.

Likewise I can Option-Drag an item, say Document One, into the text of Document Two, with the same result that the link is given the name “Document One”.

However, if one does either of these things, Transformations, even properly checked, only removes the link marking in Document Two, but coverts the linked name - “Document One” - to plain text rather than removing it.

This comes up as an issue, because I had the impression from the documentation that if one wanted to just use Scrivener Links during the draft phase to cross-check research, all the links could be stripped out during the compilation,as in: " Much like hyperlinks on the Web, Scrivener Links make it easy to create and use a net- work of text-based cross-references within your project. Since in most cases they do not export from your project, it is safe to use them in the text of your work wherever you need them … To create a link to a specific item in the binder, drag the item into the text where you would like it to appear, while holding down the Option key. The blinking cursor will help show you where the final location of the drop will occur."

When I do this, in fact the link is exported as plain text to the PDF even though I have diligently checked Remove All Hyperlinks. But maybe I’m doing something wrong, and if so, what?

A related question: is there a way to link a specific point in one document to a specific point in another document? It seems that when I create a specific link as above, the only choice is to link to a document, not to a specific point in the other document. Likewise the link planted in the second document doesn’t actually jump back to the specifically marked point, but only to the document holding that marked point. This is very tantalizing, because the links can be planted at specific points at both ends, but they don’t quite link point-to-point. I understand from the documentation that OS X wouldn’t support exporting this type of link to a PDF, but is there a way to do it in the draft manuscript?