How to expand / collapse footnotes?

I know how to expand / collapse folders and documents in the Binder panel by using View > Outline > Expand All. I am trying to find similar functionality for the Comments & Footnotes panel.

I have 300 footnotes in my manuscript. All were expanded in the Comments & Footnotes panel. When I glanced at them a few minutes later, they all had collapsed. So I’m guessing I hit some combination of keystrokes that caused the collapse. I know I can expand them one at a time, but that’s a tedious task. And it’s not the first time I’ve somehow collapsed them all.

I see nothing in the Scrivener manual on this topic. Anyone know how to EXPAND ALL / COLLAPSE ALL for the footnotes the panel? Thx

I think this is what you want–

Check page 271, Sec. 19.9 of the manual:

It’s also explained in the Linked Notation section of the manual, page 246, Sec 18.2. It’s a good read about some handy tools.

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