How to Expand Meta-Data Window Vertically?

I seem to have exceeded the number of custom meta-data elements that can fit within the default meta-data window in the inspector. The custom meta-data window now displays a scroller on the right side to afford access to overflow elements.

Is there a way to vertically expand the size of the custom meta-data window? So far, I’ve not been able to locate vertical expansion sliders along the top and bottom edges of the window. And, though expanding the inspector window horizontally changes the geometry of all panes in the inspector window, it does not make the meta-data window taller. Am I missing something?



No, there’s no way to do this, and no plans for it as it would require a radical redesign of the inspector owing to space constraints and the way split views work, sorry (which isn’t to say I’m not open to a rethink on how the custom meta-data could be better presented in the future, for 2.1 or 2.2 say).

All the best,

OK thanks. I’m fine with the scroll bar for custom meta-data until someone develops a better way.

It’d be useful if each custom meta-data element included a pull down list of items similar to Label and Status general meta-data, AND a means for flagging cards similar to keywords. This would make it simpler to visually track such critical aspects of each scene/plotpoint as POV, setting, conflict, date, issue, storyline, tension, and the like in outline and/or index card views.

An alternative that might accomplish the same thing would be to alter the way keywords were displayed in outline view so that each topline keyword category had its own column.